Is there a secret vitamin that grows your hair back?

Hair loss or hair fall is a huge problem with many these days, gender no bar. And people all over the world have started resorting to hair transplants and other forms of invasive treatment to see differences. After all who wouldn’t want to have a head full of thick, lustrous hair! But what if you could grow back your hair by just tweaking your diet a little here and there? Unbelievable, eh? But it’s very much a possibility, in fact over the last couple of years, science and doctors are increasingly giving credit to this secret vitamin that helps with bringing your hair back. Some en say that there nails have become stronger!


What is this secret vitamin?

Ever heard of the Vitamin H? It’s also known as biotin and more or less helps with all the functions of the human body. It is needed so that the body can easily make use of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that you take in. in fact, the production of biochemical energy in your body is due to this vitamin! It acts as a catalyst or a coenzyme in energy production cycles. In short it boosts your metabolism, controls sugar levels in your body and is overall great for general health.


Also if you are trying to lose weight, then biotin might help you achieve that svelte figure faster. Since it helps with energy production and metabolism, this is a good thing to have in your diet. Start taking a biotin supplement if you are trying to lose weight.

What’s biotin’s linked to healthy hair?

Biotin deficiency has no direct relation to hair loss or unhealthy hair. But a good amount of this vitamin in the body does manifest itself as thick and lustrous hair. In fact when people have complained of hair loss and they have been started on biotin supplements, it has been shown to arrest hair fall. And with continued use has even stimulated new hair growth.


So how does this happen?

Biotin helps with keeping your hair follicles healthy. Since it helps with the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, proteins in the body, it ensures that all parts of the body are given that nutrition. If you have lustrous skin, them somewhere down the line, biotin is responsible for it. It helps against flaky and dry scalp. It also increases the elasticity of the hair and strengthens the hair cortex.


What are the sources of biotin?

Egg yolks and liver are the richest sources of biotin. But they are also found in green leafy vegetables, cereals, milk and dairy products, and colored vegetables. Beef also has this vitamin in a prominent quantity. But if you are a vegan, then its time to start taking a biotin supplement.


So the secret ingredient is not really secret. It’s a vitamin that is available in nature and is part of a well balanced and nutritious diet. Therefore for healthy hair, have a well balanced diet and exercise regularly.