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We are an information-blog educating visitors about the benefits, interactions, side effects and warnings about Vitamin B 7 or Biotin. Through our site, we hope visitors will find useful information that will guide them in their decision about choosing the right hair re-growth therapy. Our blog promotes the use of Biotin for hair re-growth. Though, you can even read about other hair re-growth supplements like Rogaine. You can even read a comparison between the two: Biotin vs Rogaine.

On our easy-to-use blog, readers will gain a general understanding about Biotin particularly its role in the human body, and its ability to remedy common ailments. Readers will learn how Fatigue and Depression, Dry Skin and Thinning Hair and especially Brittle Nails and Hair Fall can be improved simply by taking a Biotin Supplement.

Our site promotes taking a vitamin supplement for treating hair loss over conventional drug treatments. You can even learn about Biotin, particularly Benefits of Biotin and Side Effects of taking 5000 mcg of this vitamin. The visitors, familiar with the peculiarities of science, will be interested in our blog on Biotin Deficiency.

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